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trouble downloading torrent files. I messed up


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I messed something up.

I admit I'm not very good at this stuff.  Would appreciate any help I can get.


I'm using utorrent 3.3

Downloading from <don't give site links>


Normally I find a torrent I want to download, choose download as torrent and a window pops up to confirm.  then the file shows up in utorrent as downloading.


I was trying to download a file and only get part of the file (not the movie itself but the epub book also included) so I changed something and now when I try to do the usual download torrent it takes me to a save dialog box and asks where to save file to.  if I navigate to the folder that my torrent files go to (tom:downlaod:torrents) the window shuts but the download does not show up in utorrent.


I did discover that if I then go to that folder and double click on the utorrent file I can then get a box to add new torrent and then ok and then it shows up as downloading in utorrent.


I have looked thru all the setting and I can't find anything.


What did I do?  How do I change it back?


Thanks so much for your help!


reply here or reply to bbmplsguywest@gmail.com

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