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UTorrent - The Spies of the Internet


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Hello. I fear that Utorrent might not be safe. I have reason to fear that Utorrent allows the people behind Utorrent to spy on the people using Utorrent. If this post is locked, removed, or anything, that will prove my theory. I was not the one to uncover this. It was a man of the name Alan Carre. He posted a youtube video about (see below):



I hope this is not true, but people should know the risk that they are taking when they are using Utorrent. 

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I have reason to fear that Utorrent allows the people behind Utorrent to spy on the people using Utorrent.

Do you packet sniff the data that comes out of uTorrent?

If you don't, or you do and find that the data coming out of it is genuinely harmless, then you don't have anything to fear.

That video was made by an overparanoid individual with a fundamental misunderstanding of how the "Stop transfers on user interaction" function works.

uTorrent, with that setting turned on, simply defines user interaction as keyboard or mouse activity. When it detects it (without communicating this action with ANYTHING outside of the user's machine) it stops the transfers.

There is no spying, there is no communication with other systems. There is only LOCAL monitoring and LOCAL effects with that setting.

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I don't know, I mean I've been using utorrent for years but I never noticed before that, as I saw in Alan Carre's video, the program can bypass the windows firewall. I tried blocking utorrent to verify that it really was "just someone's paranoia", but on my system too, utorrent is able to connect and upload and download just fine even though I had blocked it.


I want the program to work, but if I tell it not to work it should not work right? What if I want to stop bittorrent communications using the firewall to help isolate something else?


Also, I don't understand what you mean about "the user does not understand how the 'Stop transfers on user interaction'" works.


Why didn't you attempt to explain that to him? I can see that he did make a post in that threat (post count == 6 and there are only 5 posts visible there). And a search for his name together with utorrent does bring up that thread as a Google search result.


I don't understand why Google would bring up a thread that if that person never made a post there, and why the has become locked as well. I checked archive.org just as Alan Carre did and it was not locked a month ago.


So why the discrepancy between the number of posts listed by Google and the actual number of posts in that thread?


I think he has made some very serious accusations and all evidence is pointing in his favor.


- JB


P.S. This post is being monitored locally and by proxy through another server. Any attempt to block its display will be known and verifiable.

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If someone (perhaps you, or another admin) had maybe replied with proof that Utorrent does not spy using the "stop transfers on user interaction" option then maybe I could believe that Utorrent does not spy. However, the post was removed and his account blocked. That sounds like someone is trying to hide someone. Perhaps the option is perfectly safe, however, whoever removed his post has done nothing to alleviate any fear.


I urge everyone to do some looking into the situation and come to your own conclusion. Whether that conclusion is Utorrent is spying on us or not. I, however, believe that they are, and so, am not going to use Utorrent anymore.

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Explain the firewall issue. Your firewall "fix" doesn't work. Also, if you delete blatantly wrong posts and you say that I am wrong, then why don't you delete my post? I think I know why: you know people have seen what I have said and if you delete my post then people will know that I am right.

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