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Utorrent remote for Android extremely unreliable?


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I've had trouble with this app over different phones and different versions of the remote phone app and the utorrent application itself, different connections and routers and versions of Windows.

But the problems are always the same - it's just generally extremely unreliable when adding torrents or magnet links. It only works maybe 1/10 times and almost never works for magnet links. It gives error 400 or 404 for seemingly no reason and sometimes I just need to log out then back in, or use a torrent file instead of magnet, or even just download and open the file separately instead of opening it directly in the Web page when it downloads.

Does anyone else have issues like this? I can't think of any reason it should behave like this. Right now it has taken me three days to add a torrent and now that I got it on it won't let me add any more, it was giving me error messages for the first few tries and now it's just acting like it's adding them when it's really doing nothing. What gives??

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