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How to reseed after factory reset android


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Please help. My tablet crashed and needed to have a factory reset. I have reinstalled utorrent and would like to keep seeding the files I downloaded (and backed up) prior to reset. How do I re discover my files.

I have tried simply placing the files in utorrent folder, but nothing. I have not changed any of the file names, and I have no idea where(which torrent site) the files came from.

Please help as I dont want to be a parisite.

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Would it work if I download the same torrent to the same location where the files are already present? And does it matter which torrent site I use to re-download?

I can't check this method until tomorrow as I have been speed limited by my ISP until tomorrow..

Where are the .tor files kept in android 4.2+? If I can find those I might be able to point utorrent at the existing files?maybe....!

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