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Opposite problem...DL speed too HIGH ^^


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Hello everyone, I write here because I could not find help for this problem anywhere in the forum. 

I've been using uTorrent for many years with absolutely no problem, but since I upgraded it to the last version (3.4.2, build 32239, OS Win7), uTorrent simply ignores the download speed limit I set: usually, with no limitations, my DL speed is around 800 kB/s and I usually limit it somewhere around 500 kB/s to continue some normal internet browsing in the meantime. Now, with this last upgrade, the speed stays below the limit for some minutes, then it starts raising, reaching peaks sometimes higher than 2 MB/s, a speed that seems too high to be the actual value. While uTorrent is in this crazy speed mood it becomes very slow, responds to commands with long delay, and to restore it I have to force its closure with the task manager and re-open it. I've already made simple tries like restart computer/router/uTorrent, change/enable/disable speed limits, now I have to ask for some help :) Surprisingly, upload speed limit shows no problem.

Thank you!

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I have similar problems, but can add more information.

I am also getting download speeds that are "too high to be the actual value. While uTorrent is in this crazy speed mood it becomes very slow, responds to commands with long delay".

I usually run uTorrent with download speeds averaging about 80% of the limit on my ISP service. For some days, uTorrent has been showing average speeds more than double my typical values, and very many spikes going up to completely unrealistic speeds. 

I calculated over some hours how quickly the sum of sizes remaining for running torrents was dropping. That revealed that the amount of data actually getting through is about the same as usual. I checked that against the total downloaded amounts for the current session and the transfer history, and they were correct.

It is only amounts shown for current speeds that are wrong and excessive, and the graph of the recent history of those speeds.

I can only think of one possible source for what may be going wrong. My service comes over fixed phone lines to a signal box in my home, which then transmits to the modem of my computer. Perhaps something is causing packets transmitted in my home to fail, causing uTorrent to request the signal box to resend them. It does seem like uTorrent is processing much of the data coming in several times.



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