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100% Disk Load


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So I had this when I switched over from Bitlord (which ran fantastically compared to BitTorrent Clients, I have no clue why they are so retardedly slow), with an ample amount of fiddling I can get about 25 minutes of 3MBs from when I open the application. I have my cache set to 1,024MB which allows the memory to continuously go up by about 1MB-s, which basically gives me 20 minutes before it maxes out and I have to restart the app again, at one point it was stable at 30MB, but now it just keeps rocketing up in memory until the connection fades out. I am using 3.2.2 and I have heard others fixing the problem with this, and seriously do not want to upgrade this POS client and go back to square one, but have limited choices with the tracker I am currently using.

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