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'Threat detected' when using proxy


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Hi.  With a view to increasing my privacy, I've started using uTorrent with a proxy (obtained from the free list provided by hidemyass).  It works well bar the fact that my Avast antivirus gives me this popup warning every few minutes:


I find it odd that I get no warnings when NOT using a proxy.  Does anyone know if it's 'cpleft.com' that's the problem or is it something else?  My grateful thanks if you can clarify for me.

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Most likely a false positive. Looks like that's a tracker present in one of your torrents. Likely causes are heuristics gone wrong or the site became host to malware at some point and ended up on a list (the site itself may have been fine but an ad may have linked to malware or something).


I wouldn't worry about it, doing a search for cpleft.com doesn't turn up any concerning results and I highly doubt it's trying to infect you through a torrent announce. Try clicking the report false positive button and avast may remove the detection.


As for it only occurring on a proxy, it could be mere coincidence from say the site being down when you try to connect to it off proxy, or there could be a connectivity issue the proxy is working around. It's not something I'd be concerned about either.

Although, I don't know the quality of those proxies. I don't consider it likely with a proxy from a site like hidemyass but there's a chance it's not on the up and up.. what does the "more details" button show?

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