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uTorrent 3.4.2 build 33080 RSS-feed problem


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After giving my pc a fresh install I needed to add my RSS-feeds again. I used to have about 40 in it but wanted to add in just 15, but a problem occured.

After adding the 7th rss feed it didn't actually showed up in the list of feeds anymore, whilst the number of total feeds did go up.


there are some weird things going on:

1. some of the feeds seem to integrate one of the feeds that is not properly displayed in the list. So one feed in the list I,E, Series A, shows both episodes of Series A and Series B

2. when trying to delete the normal feeds ( the ones that actually show in the list ) some of them will delete, others won't. After some restarting and finicking they all will delete, but then after some more restarting the hidden feeds will show up and also have problems with deleting.


I've tried to reinstall utorrent 2 times ( every time i deleted all settings + checked folder for residue files )


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I wouldn't be surprised that all of those issues are GUI related issues. They have revised it recently. Also, RSS in 3.4.2 is very unstable. If this is important to you, either check the latest betas and report issues here (like you did, hoping they'll fix them soon) or revert back to 3.4.1 .

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