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everything done perfect but still extreme slow speed


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Ive done everything i could do to speed it up but nothing would happen ! It doesnt go more than 7KB/s download and 18KB/s Upload and i have no idea why! Every thing's perfect and the lights green!

It's not a lack of seeds or anything to do with the torrent or what I'm doing because it's same speed if i'm not doing anything or browsing the internet and I've been trying at least 5 browsers and there all the same and there's no firewall so plz help! Any help would be appreciated!

PS. I'm using a 512KB/s connection or 1Mbit (I'm not sure)

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but if you are not sure how can you say u have done everything you could?

to get good Downloadspeeds on BT it is essential to handle the UPloadspeed thing very properly.

do the speed test (CTRL+G) while not doing anything else on the net.

Then choose the value you get there for your uploadspeed in the drop down menu.

Then you have done most of what is necessary to get good DLspeeds.

If you have then also a green bubble then slow downloadspeeds are because the swarm is simply slow, or your ISP is blocking BT-traffic.

try one or more of the torrents that are advertised here in the Forum as speed indicator torrents.

then u can see if it is just your particular torrent that is slow or if your ISP gives a damn about "net neutrality"


Edit: tyop :)

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