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One Host PC Slow the other fast


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For months my Bedroom ( windows(  PC was achieving 1MBps to 3 MBps download speed with my new EE ISP Fibre package


For the last week I have got at best 30 Kbps , originally I suspected Traffic Management, but this was later  debunked after I booted up an old machine in another room which achieved up to 1.2 Mbps with stock settings


Now I suspect Malware , however I have scanned the Primary and cleaned the primary ( OS)  drives  , though the low DL speed remains , in fact at this moment I am achieving 0.1 Kbps ,


Both machines have had Broadbannd speed tests and are showing the same 20Mbps Downspeed and 5 MBPS Up . Both machines can download other media fine , such as steam is getting a solid 2.7 mbps  download ( Steam gives flawless speed on Bedroom PC )


Still my main Bedroom PC machine suffers poor torrent Download  speed . I have since tried resetting computer ,a usb wifi adapter installing new AV , SFC scannow , Diskchk. Different Torrent App ( Bitlord) and Reset the router

The only way I could get a better torrent DL  speed on Bedroom PC was by using a USB Wifi Adapter and using a different Torrent App called  BitLord  , then Speed would Peak at 200 Kbps . If I remove wifi I get 0.1 Kbps again , regardless of app . The wifi Dongle however does not improve the speed on the Bittorrent; only Nitlord improves using the WFI , very , very strange


as a side note I believe Malware bytes pro AV is now interfering utorrent/bittorrent



Does anyone have any suggestions I am at a loss on this , it is making no real sense. Feel like I'm hitting my head on wall


I am currently running Windows 8.1 64 bit

I am running Kaspersky IS

Running Malwarebytes Pro ( On trial ) - Just installed

Windows defender Active

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I believe MBAM Pro has active scanning and KIS as well, so they could be interfering with each other. Disabling components is sometimes buggy so you should uninstall one of them.


How well does this torrent work on your bedroom PC? www.libreoffice.org/download/libreoffice-fresh/

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The Torrent you suggested was extremely fast


Some other things I noticed :

Around lunch time today Utorrent was getting around 2.4 Mbps Download speed , with all Antivirus and firewalls on . And now again all of a sudden I am getting 3Kbps , even after turning off Firewall and Antivirus

Soo Confusing

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Ok I uninstalled MBAM completely


I initially peaked at  2.4 Mbps last night , however I am back to 3.0 kbps . I was pretty sure it is network throttling or traffic management , but would this management be specific to one mac address ?


  I just tried downloading on my Vaio laptop and am getting 2 Mbps download .


What is going on :blink:

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the problem I suspect is that my ISP  is throttling my downloads , somehow acquiring my MAC address and limiting my  downloads from sites such as ISO hunt . My reasoning being is that now my other machines are starting to get really low down speed on torrents


Please note if I use a torrent as in the link such as open source Linux ISO , I get blazing fast speed . As soon as I use piratebay or ISO hunt for example I am getting super slow or at best intermittent speeds 


This must be the ISP throttling from certain sites , is this possible?


Also what is the solution ? I am tied into a contract so not an option to change . I tried spotflux VPN service which worked for a while but is no longer affective 


I heard a VPN service will bring speed back to normal ??

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Torrent speeds are affected in part by the swarm you're dealing with. The libreoffice torrent has a huge swarm so it performs very well.


The torrents you're trying to use that don't perform well, what are the seed and peer counts?


Have you selected your upload speed in the CTRL+G setup guide?


Are you minding your units? KB/s = Kilobytes per second | Kbps = Kilobits per second. The casing of the B with regards to bits vs bytes. Something to keep in mind when doing the initial setup which is in bits while the rest of the interface is in bytes. Speed tests and ISPs usually measure in bits.

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