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I found another reason to love utorrent


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I bought a new MacBook, and I went to the utorrent webpage and I was like, woah what's wrong the colours are all off. I knew what they should have been from a CRT.

Apparently, the pale green, etc. used on the homepage doesn't show well if your display is not calibrated (shows as a blue-grey, and the tan shows as pinkish). So I spent a long time last night calibrating it, and now the colours show right.

And I would not have known, or ended up with a better color profile in both MacOS and XP, if not for utorrent!


PS. It's a pretty cool portable computer, I have set it up dual boot, and am actually writing this from within XP at the moment. There's also a virtual OS dealio called Parallels that is pretty cool too.

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