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can not edit or remove label-directory mapping


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Experimenting with labels and directory mapping. After creating a few mappings I soon found that I created a few rules to many. But I can not figure out how to remove the mapping rules in the lower part of the >>preferences>>labels window. 


F.ex: in the top window I created "iso" => "contains iso files". In the bottom part then choose "iso" and define the directory where all iso files need to be stored, like c:/download/iso-files/.


If I wan to remove the iso mapping rule, how do I go about?


Using uTorrent 3.4.2 build 33215 x32 running on Win7 Ultimate x64.

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Thx for the heads-up ! These 2 bugs have been costing me an entire weekend :o( ...


6 In Label preferences/settings the "-" (delete) does not work in "Label->directory mapping".

8 *'Move download after completion' is broken*. Sometimes the file "disappears", or not moving. Might be relate to  using of network drives.


Time to experiment with alternative software ? These bugs are reported about 8 months ago  <_< and realy needed when integrating a torrent client with sabnzbd, CP and SB.

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Well, up to you to decide.

Is labels-mapping that important? For me - not a must,  just a matter of convenience (using RSS + locations is best for me).

Is moving to  network drives that important? Yes, but you can bypass by 1. downloading directly to them, 2. Using a batch file when downloads are done, do whatever you like. 3. Use link-location on a regular  drive pointing to the network drive.


So, I say - not because of those two issues. Yet...

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I can't believe a feature so simple is broken, and for so long!!


Is there any other way sort so that my movie downloads automatically go into the movie folder when completed, and tv shows go into the tv shows folder????

So easy if I could just use the labels feature. 


Deluge does this perfectly but I like the utorrent interface better and like the force start feature that utorrent has too,

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