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To Cache amount differs from To File amount in disk statistics.


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Am using v3.4.2 (33023) on Win7.x64.


Anyway, the Write Statistics show a vast discrepancy between the amounts written to cache and to file.


I have attached the image which shows 10GB written to cache, and 5GB to file. The Queue only contains 15MB.


Otherwise it seems to work fine. Nothing in logger pane and files do seem to download fine. Perhaps there is nothing wrong.

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Exactly. I have been claiming this for months now :(

http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/88339-34x-beta/?p=479433 #4 ...



Thanks for the link - I had not been able to find much about this.


When you say 'claiming', does this mean the Devs cannot reproduce (or explain) it?


Do they not even consider it a problem?


Er btw, I attached a (image) file to the first post, but do not know where it is.

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