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Build 33254: Torrent info disappears after uTorrent window minimize and maximize!


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uTorrent 3.4.2 build 33254


1. Opening up uTorrent:





2. After minimizing and maximizing uTorrent window, clicking on Taskbar - relevant torrent info has disappeared:





3. Then, selecting the torrent, shows NO relevant torrent info below:





4. Then, after clicking on empty space(within the top-most pane) and then selecting the torrent shows the relevant torrent info below:





5. After minimizing and maximizing uTorrent window, again, relevant torrent info from below is gone:





Same thing happens while downloading.


Things were fine in Build 33080. But overall, this problem showed up and has been persistent in the last couple of stable builds. I have tried after deleting settings.dat.old and settings.dat but nope that didn't work.



Hope this gets sorted out soon. Thank you.

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