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Setup Guide only shows LA and San Francisco


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Hi Guys,


I am new here so please be gentle.


I have installed version 3.4.2 (build 33080) which I believe is the latest version.


My problem is when I open the setup guide to test the network and configure itself for best performance, in the dropdown menu for the bandwidth section all I have is the option to choose Los Angeles, US or several of the same options for San Francisco Bay Area_CA, US, but I live in London, UK.


I used to get the London option but now it has disappeared.

I can still download and upload OK but I was wondering, if I leave it showing LA, will it make any difference to the speeds I get or any difference at all on any other areas of utorrent?


I have attached a jpg of the actual problem.


Any advice will be appreciated.




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Utorrent works straight out of the box, as is, except for a few minor tweeks, so why do they have that setup guide if it is irrelevant? And also London, UK was there as an option but not now! But if you say it is OK Dread, then I will not worry about it. Thanks for your reply. 

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