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Torrent will not Automatically download after


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I tried doing some research online and looked through the entire first page before I commented, so if this was already answered I apologize.


In the past, I was able to click on a torrent, save on computer, then open with right away.  Then, it would download onto my computer.  For some reason, when I try to download, it would say "uTorrent is already running, please close down and try again" and when I try it doesn't work.  I'm still able to go file > add torrent > go to downloads and bring up the file.


A secondary issue is uTorrent would either automatically start up on my computer or I could just double click or go to Quick Start and it would bring up, but for some reason I can only bring up uTorrent by Running As Administrator. 


For Troubleshooting, I Removed any recent applications that could have effected it, unin/reinstalled uTorrent, even used Ccleaner/Spybot/AVG to clear out any possible threats.  I also went to Options > Properties > UI Settings > under When adding torrents, both activate w/ program window and show options to change name and data is selected.



Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated :)

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