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Can`t load torrents to download


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I`m using utorrent on an Andriod tablet. Recently I will find a torrent I want on bitsnoop. Wenhen I select the torrent I choose to run it in utorrent, utorrent opens but theorrent won`t open or start downloading.

Any idea what`s causing this or how to solve it?

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This problem has occurring for nearly a week.
The torrents do download via magents. Utorrent show an empty box but the torrent is loaded after a short delay.
But this is still a nuisance.
It is preferable to have the torrent loaded via torrent download as a magnet can be deleted when Utorrent closes.
The problem appears to be that Torrage.com is down
but any suggestions on how to download torrents normally is welcome
Firefox config changes?  Any suggestions how to be able to downlaod torrents

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