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When removing a tracker from a torrent, all client connections now drop on new utorrent.


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Hi there,


I used to be able to remove some trackers from certain public torrents. in the new utorrents, (its been a few months but finally annoyed me enough to post about it) this change occurred.


example will be I go find a torrent on a public tracker, I then start the torrent and realize there's a ton of public trackers listed in the torrent and want to keep my connections limited(My router sucks so I like to remove the trackers that dont really give me clients to connect to since its extra connections that are useless) I then would normally just remove the tracker and keep downloading perfectly fine from whatever clients I'm still connected to. 


Now when I remove a tracker from the list of trackers, it resets the connection and drops all clients on that torrent then goes into a 'finding peers' state where it has to find new peers once again. 


I know there are advanced options in utorrent settings however there's no definitions provided in the advanced section.


Is this a feature I can bring back via an advanced option tweak or is this feature perm. removed from utorrent? It's very annoying that the connections drop once you remove a tracker from the tracker list on a torrent. Sometimes it will take a long time to find other peers or wont even find any peers. I'd prefer not staying connected to public trackers as much as possible. 

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I don't believe that is the issue since this happens on public torrents as I don't really use private sites. If it was by design I would think the issue would have been around since before 3.4.2. It is only since this latest version I believe that I've had this issue. Can anyone confirm when this function was implemented?

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