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Downloading part by part and "read from disk" error


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So let's say there's a TV series.

It has two seasons.

I don't have enough disk space to download all two seasons at once.

So, I wan't to download first season, watch it, delete it form disk and download second season.

I have one torrent file with two seasons.

On the window where you're selecting what from the torrent file you want to download and what not - I've select only first seasons.

It's downloading. When I click on the torrent on upper window, there list of ALL files in the lower window. All files, not only first season.

When I click right mouse button on some file (in lower window) I can choose to not download this specyfic file or if it isn't downloading to change PRIORITY and then it starts to download this file.


uTorrent said that downloading is completed. So I've watched first season, I've deleted from hard disk. Go to utorrent lower window, right mouse button on files from second season, change priority to normal (or high, no matter) click "Start" downloading and....I get error message with "(readfromdisk)" at the end.


So how can I download part of torrent file, delete it, and later download another part of THIS SAME torrent file ? But without searching this same torrent file and repeating a procedure with loading torrent to uTorrent ?

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If you delete a part of the torrent file, it needs to be rechecked.

Stop the torrent.

Set the priority of the first season to not download.

Set the priority of the second season to normal.

Right click on torrent and click Force recheck.

Start the torrent.

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