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"Hostname to report to tracker" problem


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I have a question about IP address that is sent to tracker and can be set in uTorrent settings.


I have a home server running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with uTorrent server 3.3 Rev. 30470 installed. Server runs behind NAT with correct port forwarded for uTorrent and everything works as it should.


I'm also running xbt torrent tracker on my server for personal use.


The problem is, that IP tracker gets is my routers IP due to NAT loopback when requests are sent from uTorrent. Solution to this is sending IP with every request to the tracker, which also works fine. But since I have dynamic IP and I use DDNS, I've put my hostname associated with DDNS service into uTorrent settings instead of IP.

Issue I have is that sometimes my tracker gets correct IP (external IP associated with hostname), but many times it gets my routers internal IP just as there is no hostname/ip set in uTorrent settings.


Is uTorrent doing DNS resolutions for inserted hostname or is this trackers job?

In case that uTorrent is doing DNS, is there any solution around this problem?


I did Google and forum search, but I did not find an answer to this, so link to useful source would also be great help :)


Thank you very much for your help!



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