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UT going to sleep


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I've used UT for quite a while now (since v1.something) and not adverse to running beta/alpha test stuff.


Recently been running the 3.4.2 beta (currently b32898) and ugraded to the latest beta 33145 and noticed that it frequently just sits there doing.... well, not a not! :huh:


It always starts up ok and always has the correct screen elements (nothing extra or missing).

The only thing I noticed is the divider bar between the torrents/feeds list on the left and the rest of the screen now seems unmovable (and is too wide).

About 60% of the time it starts doing its stuff ok but at some stage (when I'm not looking), it just goes to sleep, as in, not responding. But it's not responding in the usual manner like when Task Manager tells you it's not responding, it refuses to restore the window when clicked from the task bar, won't respond to a right-click, and (if you already have the window open) it doesn't progress anywhere - the trackers/DHT/up & down speeds/ETA etc don't update.

The weird thing is, XP thinks it's actually doing something because it never reports that it is not responding!! :wacko:

So that seems to suggest that it's getting stuck in a loop somewhere in the code and not getting back into the main thread of the program. If I re-install the earlier beta 32898 over the top of it - everything works fine as expected.

This sort of thing is usually fixed within a few days (sometimes hours) but this time it tells me there is no new update. The latest 33145 that I downloaded over a week ago is now moth-balled until a new beta update is available.


Anyone else found this problem??




Like a lot of users, I don't do much of the fancy stuff. I add torrents from magnetic links, add in the necessary bits and let it do it's stuff.

I gave up on the directory/folder stuff because it doesn't seem to work any more since some v3.2 upgrade a while back.


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I updated to b33418 about 2hrs ago and that seems to be ruuning ok for now.


So... how come the betas keep telling me there is no new version (aka "stable" release) available??

Surely, any 'stable' release of X should supercede all previous beta releases of said X??


Maybe I'm expecting too much :blink:

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