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Stuck at "Connecting to peers", Windows 8.1


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Hi there, I'm having troubles downloading torrents using uTorrent.

All torrents that I tried to download always get stuck at the "Connecting to peers" issue.

This is a new PC that I just recently setup, and perhaps I might have missed out a driver that handles internet, but not so sure about that.


Been trying to look for a solution, and admins try to provide http://slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php and see if others can download it. So far, that torrent also got stuck at the "Connecting to peers" as well, so it's definitely not the torrent issue, but rather on my system itself.


Firewall, whether allowed, or off, still does not fix the issue.


Router is not the issue as well, my old PC is still connected to it, and has no troubles downloading torrents.


Also, there's a possibility that my other issue is associated with this as well. My other issue is that I am unable to download any files through FTP.



Any ideas as to how to fix this issue that I'm getting?




EDIT : After an hour of the "Connecting to peers" on one of my torrents, it started, and is now running at full speed. Although, I did not change any setting, but it just started.. Not sure if the issue is fixed, but I don't want to wait an hour just to get a download started.

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