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Seeding/Downloading Queue question


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I have uT set to

max number of active torrents: 8

max number of active downloads: 4

Heres the problem--

Right now 8 torrents are downloading, 4 seeding-

only 2 of the torrents downloading are above 2k/sec download rate, only 2 are uploading at above 2k/sec --

I know uTorrent is supposed to automatically start more torrents when it finds that the up/down rate is below its' limit... but whats the limit and is it settable? Because with only 4 'active' torrents, there are a LOT on queue :( Also, does uTorrent auto-skip/stop/ignore torrents with 0 peers when seeding?

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You are only affecting the swarms (and yourself) having so many torrents started simultaneously...

I never had more than 3 active torrents on my 1024/128 kbps connection.

What are your DL/UL average speeds obtained after few speed tests?

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That's a good question, and nobody has given an answer yet. In fact, I noticed that when upload is too low - it triggers "queue.don't_cound_slow_ul" in the advanced settings to start all my 30 queued seed, even though i have only 8 kBytes/sec upload.

On the other hand, suppose i have 3 torrents, and even if they download extremely slow (2-3k) or even stopped downloading at all (avaliability <1) - ut doesn't start queued downloads automatically. Why?

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