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Persistent labels issue


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I have used uTorrent's persistent labels to indicate which day of the week shows air for sorting purposes for as long as I can remember.  With the last couple of updates however they aren't working properly.  First of all, they're listed in the selection dropdown box in the reverse order they're listed under the ADVANCE tab.  I can live with that, but the real problem is when a persistent label is selected, it makes a copy of itself and is listed twice in the selection box.  Example -- I have the labels 01 Mon, 02 Tue -- etc for a total of 7 labels that are always present even if there is no current torrent using it.  When I use one, a duplicate shows up immediately above it, and my list grows from 7 to 14 (I actually use more but the problem is the same for all of them).  As a result, my list of 11 unique labels now shows up with 22 choices, each one appearing twice.  The only way to clear it up is to select EVERY torrent with a specific label, remove them all at once, and reapply them again.  Doing this every time a new torrent is added is REALLY annoying.

  I'm using uTorrent 3.4.2 Beta (Build 34418) on Win 8.1.

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