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download slow from certain seeders with different BT clients


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I'm a bit of a neophyte (old fart neophyte subtype) and I am running into a problem with slow seeding from some seeders.  


I did my best to install and set up everything IAW the directions.  I know I'm at least mostly set up right because if there are multiple seeders for something, usually I really fly in downloading.  I have seen it download at 2MB/s a couple of times and routinely hit 1.7 MB/s. 


 I am grabbing some big files/torrents-- bunches  of 12-17 GB ones.  Currently I am grabbing just one that is like 15.7.  I have been grabbing it for three plus days now.  The seeding is going very slow and I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to speed it up. I ask because the torrents aren't always seeded, then a seed will come on and then disappear, apparently never to be seen again.  So, I really want to be able to download as quickly as I can when I do get a seeder for one of the ones I have been waiting for.    


On the current one, I have had three seeders.    All of them used different bit torrent clients.  


The Vuze guy wasn't on long at all, but he kicked butt for me while he was.  I was getting fed by him at roughly 200 KB/s.  (I have cross seeded with another uTorrent to test upload speeds and both would do about 250-260 KB/s -- fantastic performance.)  I got a "flag" that said "DI" for that one.66


The Transmission 2.8.4 guy has been great about keeping seeding, but I only seem to be able to get 8-16 KB/s from him.  His "flag" says "DE."


The qTorrent V. guy isn't on now, but when he was I couldn't get more than 2-3 KB/s from him.  He hung for a long time, but now he is gone.  Maybe he will come back.  15.7 GB at 2-3 KB/s takes a remarkably long time.   His "flag" said "DIP."


  The debug on all of them said the same thing:  01-1.  


Does anyone have any ideas about anything I can do to improve speed from some of the seeders? It really is horrible to get a seeder then have them bail before I get everything downloaded, then sit waiting for yet more months.  I have pulled out a lot of hair . . . . 


 I have my priority on this set to high, all the other priorities set to low.  I'm seeding about 150 torrents myself, but it is rare for there to ever be more than 4 people at any one time downloading and basically I upload at a pretty steady combined rate of 250-260 KB/s.  


I know it is possible the seeders have their amounts throttled way back, but it just seems crazy that anyone would throttle back to levels so low -- 16 KB/s or 3 KB/s.  And most of the time I get such kick butt performance.  I am at a loss to know what to do.


Suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.  


Also, what are "flags" and how can you figure out what they mean?


I get the idea behind debugging, but how do you determine what the code means.  And if I did determine that, is there anything I can do along the lines of debugging?  Or is it intended for the guys who write the programs and stuff?  


Also, under "Preferences"  category  bandwidth, I have everything at 0 for rates, 100 active torrents, 300 connections, and 6 uploads per torrent set.  I have never come remotely close to any of those I don't think.  just not that many people grab the same torrents I do. 


Under "Preferences" "bit torrent" I have all the boxes checked except limit local bandwidth.  


No transfer cap, no seeding rate limits and the goal I have at 500% and I am only at something like 2.3 approximately, or I guess 130%.


Also, what is the difference between uTP connections and  . . . there is another kind too.  Anything I need to do to distinguish or differentiate or set or just need to know about those and the differences?  I'll try to read the theory on them at some point (bit of an overwhelmed Luddite at this point), so just practically do I need to do anything with them.  


If you have any thoughts or helpful advice, I would greatly appreciate it, particularly if it is dumbed down enough for me to understand it. 


Thank you very much for your patience and assistance.  


PS-- Another thought.  Could it possibly be the encryption?  I think I remember reading that setting the encryption would prevent an ISP from throttling bit torrent traffic.  I set it to encrypt, but I was already downloading and seeding, so I checked the allow legacy connections thing.  I just went back and unchecked the legacy thing, since I would have downloaded everything months ago and seeded anything that was seeding then months ago.  Is there any way that this could potentially be an issue?

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@andox --


Yeah, it can be a little disappointing.  I think part of the problem is the size of the torrents -- they probably average over 15 GB.  So, even at a rate of 250 KB/s, which is about the best I have ever gotten from a single seeder, it is still a 16 hour process.  More typically I have been getting 40-50 KB/s, which makes it a matter of days.  And many of these torrents were originally upped 5-10 years ago.  (I'm a bit late getting into the digital music thing.)  


Now days I think folks have their computers set to automatically shut off, that kind of thing.  That seems to add a bit of an extra challenge.  Because some of those seeders either don't use their computers much at all or they don't have their bit torrent client set up to automatically start.    Anyway, it seems to be a couple of things contributing to the problem, which is why I want to be able to download fast when I do get a seeder for one of those torrents that rarely is seeded.


My old computer had a different bit torrent client, so I am relatively new to uTorrent.  I am really liking it so far.  It has handled having over 150 torrents seeding for months now -- handled it with aplomb.  So, I'm doing my best to seed stuff just as much as I can.   

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