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Magnets and RSS Downloader


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Good morning all. 


I am setting up uTorrent for the first time in quite a while and having some issues. First one is the RSS Downloader. I have added a feed and added a show to the RSS Downloader. For the show name I used show*


When I hit the question mark it shows matches but does not download. If I recall correctly from the last time I set up uTorrent I needed some character at the end of the show name to get it downloading. I just can't remember what it is. 


My second issue is magnet links. I tried a couple different clients before coming back to uTorrent. Now I can't get uTorrent to open magnet links. I have checked my default programs. I use chrome as a browser on Win8.


Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


Update: As I continue searching I am no remembering it may have been a showrss feed thing. Any thoughts?


Another Update: Out of the blue the auto download started working. I am good there. Still can't figure out the magnet issue. 

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