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Some features, issue


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I have some requests that are categorized as feature or issue.


1) Please provide feature "update tracker" like on windows if it is possible. (sorry to bump)

2) Add new column "saved directory" indicating where the file is

3) Logs tab on WebUI transfer just after Speed Graph. I know there is a chance to use cli, but would be more simple on tab.

4) Some more extra info like "general total traffic for today, both download and upload".

5) Left panel - some feature for "stoped download, errors, paused"

6) Skip hashcheck... sorry to bump, i have over 1000 DVD Files until now is third day that i put on transfer/seed list 250 files. It's really slow. - I am using a minimal Debian system that provide 2% CPU and 200MB RAM while using uTorrent. So far there are none torrent client to reaches something minimal like uTorrent on Linux. Good job!

7) Search torrent file on transfer list? handly on transfers with dozens file.


8) Torrents (left panel) show me 300 files, but the Webui is a little slow scrolling. Plus selecting them all and hit stop aggravate more the WebUI "must refresh my latest browser Firefox 32.0" that comes into its own - temporarily solved by divided on lables to reduce somewhat the first feature "Torrents".

9) More history graph? i mean hours or perhaps daily.

10) Seeds/Peers both feature on same column? like on Windows.

11)  My copy 3.3 doesn't show any peers flag.

12) Cleaning browser cache endup removing some customized columns, how about to make cache free browser-dependent?


13) If a hashcheck successful performed is not possible to do the same action for the second time via r-menu/Force-recheck, only if i detele the file i can do hashcheck 2nd time.

These have for the moment. if any request is duplicating, apologize. Thank you for hearing me.


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