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Router affected while running utorrent.


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I seem to have a problem with my router when utorrent is running. If I have it downloading a large file overnight, it appears to be downloading when I look at it in the morning since theere is a download speed indicator but the number of bytes downloaded does not increase.


If I then launch a web browser, I find that I cannot access the internet at all. No, my bandwidth isn't capped by the torrent file. Even if I stop the torrent, I can't access any web page or even download mail or anything else, my internet is totally blocked.


The only way to resolve it is to reset my Sitecom router. The reset of my router upsets my cable modem which is quite normal and that has to be reset as well.


It appears that somehow, utorrent is allowing my router to be hacked or made prone to a DDOS attack. I have the firewall on the router active as well as Windows firewall. I also turn off any remote access to utorrent because I am always a bit cautious about inviting hackers that way. All my connections are wired and the wifi turned off. I also have no ports set up in the router and apart from the wifi being turned off, the only other setting that has been changed from manufacturers standard is the admin password.


I have been testing it for a while now and it only happens when utorrent is running, even when it isn't downloading anything. If I close utorrent, I can work on the internet normally for days without incident. As soon as I run utorrent, my internet goes down overnight again. My only conclusion is that somehow, utorrent is causing it.


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Probably outright crashing the router. Those firewalls, except in VERY specific models of router (and not yours), serve only to prevent users from using their internet connection properly.

Funny that uTorrent has worked perfectly up until now. I have had this router for 3 years and have used uTorrent for 5 years and yet, it has only just started to happen in the last 3 months or so.

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