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Get Sync Crash


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When I run Utorrent, after about 30 secs, it shows the Page Get Sync, and after another 30 secs, the application stops working. Already tried re-instal, delete all torrents, no success.

If I tun The program with no Internet, it does not crash, thats why I think its because this advertisement, because it has never happened before.

Plz, help.



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I've just experienced this problem too.


I've ran all the security scans I could, found nothing. 


I did notice too that without an internet connection (normal boot and safe mode) the "Get Sync" does not appear and uTorrent works without freezing.  As soon as the internet connection restored, the "Get Sync" option appears and uTorrent appears to freeze while cpu usage hovers around 95%+



The file that I downloaded for the Sync everything page:



Seems to be a legit file as signed by Bit Torrent Inc





Win 7 Home Desktop

uTorrent version 3.4.2 (build 33497)

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I have a similar problem. When I open utorrent, the 'Get Sync' screen appears and there is no way to get rid of it. The application seems to be working otherwise. The only way I can get rid of the screen and see my torrents is to restart the application.



I'm running 3.4.2. beta build 33766 on Windows 8.1.

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I think I've found a workaround. The problem seems to be related to the minimize/close to tray preferences.


Go to Preferences > UI Settings. Under System Tray uncheck 'Minimize button minimizes uT to tray' and 'Close button closes uT to tray.' Restart uTorrent and everything seems OK after that. 

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My problem same like others! This GET SYNC advert tottaly crash my system, make lot of java gui files in the windows/temporary internet files folder on Win7. This is useless until the advert not disappear from the app!!!!!! I have 8 GB of ram, I5 CPU. Never had that problem before. Please fix it!



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Does anybody knows which url to block on hosts or firewall to stop UT to access the adv that crashes the application ? Tried to erase the urls from advanced options, but it gets back. Tried to block the same url on hosts, no success.

Its a shame, what used to be the best Torrent program on the market, to be trashed by useless and poor implemented advertisement s****.

Plz, fix it or give us a solution.


Tx, and excuse me for the bad english

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