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Seeding 6,600 + makes utorrent slow or unresponsive


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Dear all:


I'm now seeding more than 6,000 torrents and my utorrent is now very slow when adding new download. The new download did not start immediately like they usually do. The tracker status often shows "updating" instead of "working", sometimes stuck at "updating" forever and I have to restart utorrent. I think the problem is I am seeding too many torrents. I would appreciate any suggestion if I can adjust some utorrent settings to make it more efficient to seed many torrents

My current setting:

Intel Core i3 3rd gen (Current Usage 36%)
8GB RAM (current usage : 42%)
128 MB Samsung SSD 830 + many 3-4 TB internal + external HDDs (Current Usage for all HDDs 0-5% average)
Internet : Cable modem motorola SBG6580, 105/20 Mbps


Thanks for any help

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