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Very urgent Help Needed !!!!!!!!!!


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My "downloading torrents folder" and "Completed downloads" folder are on two seperate volumes of my hard disk.


I was downloading a 1.5 gb file. It had just completed the download a few minutes before I came to the PC.

A small complication had earlier occured with the torrent's name getting cahanged from "xyz" to "xyz.1". ie. the torrent had an extra ".1" added to it's name. But the download went fine, and it did complete  the job, may be a few minutes ago.

But there was an error shoowing up in the status bar as " Specified torrent not found on the computer". Without realizing that it might be copying my files to the "Completed downloads" folder, I exited utorrent, and changed the name of the torrent which was in the "Completed downloads" folder form "xyz.1" to "xyz", and restarted utorrent.

Now my torrent is not showing up in utorrent and my files are half way between being copied.


PLEASE help...


How do I re-open the torrent file in utorrent and re direct it to the folder without downloading again,

and also how to tell utorrent that the files of the torrent that I'm adding are already in the computer, and thet they are half way being split between 2 folders

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