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No Incoming Connections


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Hope I can get some help on this as it is doing my head.


Up until this morning, torrent was working without a problem.  Mac OSX Mavericks, utorrent 1.8.4


This morning we had a power outage, when the power came back, i restarted everything, and always checked the IP address of the Computer was correct (it sometimes changes and I have to change the Port on my Router Port Forwarding to match utorrent).  Everything was set correctly and after starting utorrent I am unable to connect.  All I keep getting is "No Incoming Connections"


The Port is correct and is being forwarded correctly on the router, there is no firewall blockage etc  I have changed the port several times, changed the port forwarding to match.  Turned off the router, reset utorrent etc  Nothing seems to change the status.  Normally if the port is incorrect on port forwarding and I correct it I see torrent almost instantly change from a grey notification to yellow and then green.  Not this time.


Any help would be appreciated.

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