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"run this program when torrent is finished" - Dont work


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i have tried lots of combinations but it dos't work at all!

My current command is:

powershell.exe -executionpolicy RemoteSigned G:\Scripts\T_ExtractAndMove.ps1 "%D" "%N" >> G:\torrentlog.txt


>> G:\torrentlog.txt

is where I want the command log to be saved, but no log was generated and the script don't run.

i know for a fact that my script is perfect (I ran it manually with all the parameters and it works great)


therefore my only conclusion is that uTorrent just don't run the command at all.

so, my question is there a way to make it work?



i'm using the latest beta version


I don
't know what was the problematic setting but i have deleted  uTorrent entirely (of course with the deletion of the settings) and installed it again.

I've set everything back manually and it started working.


I wondering what was the problem to begin with.

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