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Download stopped at 86% and won't restart.


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Hi There,

All our downloads have had no problems whatsoever until now. We don't do that many. Yesterday I downloaded a 4.5G file successfully. Than tried to do a smaller one - around 600Mb. It was running happily and had speeds of up to 1100kb/s. It was up to 86% and then it stopped. Speed went down to 0, Seeds to 0/1, and Peers stayed the same at 4/6 Connected (6 in swarm). So quite low, but it had been similar all the time.

I tried again last night and today, (same time as yesterday,) to see if it would resume but it just sits there telling me the same information and not doing anything.

I tried looking through the help section and on the forum. I tried right clicking and 'force start'.


How can I restart it? Any ideas what the problem could be?


torrent is [kickass.to]natural.world.s34e04hdtv.x264.c4tv.torrrent

ISP is iinet. OS Windows 7, microtorrent version: uTorrentPlus3.4.2 (build 32239) {32bit}


We have not changed or added any new programmes and have the same anti-virus - Norton, and other things as we have always had. 

Besides it stopped in the middle of a job, so I don't think it is an incompatible programme issue. Maybe just no peers on line or something?


I don't know the ins and outs and all the terms and workings as my hubby set it up and he's super busy and not around to help at the moment. But any help you can give I will attempt. I work as a tech in tv so I can do stuff! Usually...






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Yep! I think that's it. I just figured that out too. Duuhh!

I just tried another torrent and watched carefully. Availability 0.34 - so it stopped at 34% My 86% said availability 0.86. Surprise! The new one I'm trying is going and says availability 4.6. Must be 4 or so people with 100% Told you I was smart!

Thanks. Do I just try again when everyone is awake, and then the availability will likely increase?


Thing I don't understand is why do seeds say 4/6 and kind of match the availability but peers may say 1 or 0. I thought the peers were sending the files, and I was seeding?

And why do people only have parts of or 34% of something? What happened to the whole movie on their system?


I have a bit to learn!


Thanks anyway!!


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