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Better Sceduler


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The scheduler should let us create custom rules rather than forcing predetermined rules on us. My DSL connection is slow and I share it with a few other people, so I would like to set different down speeds at different times of the day depending on network traffic without having to be at home. As it stands right now, of the four possible rules, only one allows a non-zero down limit. I would like three of those plus a full speed, and I have no use for "seeding only" or "turn off." We should be able to make as many of whatever type we need.


As an example, here are rules I would use:

everyone asleep: every day, 2 am - 6 am: full speed

only one awake: every day, 12 am - 2 am && 6 am - 8 am: 450 kB/s

only one home: MWF, 10:30 am - 2 pm && TTh, 8 am - 4 pm: 300 kB/s

high traffic time: all times not covered by other rules, 150 kB/s


I tried using NetLimiter for this purpose only to find it cannot restrict uTorrent. I looked all over the web for an explanation and all I could find was the useless response that it makes no sense to use NetLimiter when uTorrent has a scheduler.



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