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strange utorrent behaviour about torrent files loading


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Hi, i use windows 7 x64 ultimate edition with utorrent 3.4.2 and i'm having troubles even to understand why utorrent manages mass-loading of .torrent files this way:


when i load one torrent all is ok, 1 double-click or 1 enter-button push and the pop up window with folder, name options of the hilighted torrent file appears and i can go on with my businness.

when i load around 10 torrents everything is still alright, all the pop up windows comes up one over the other and i can go on with my businness.

but when i try load about 50 hilighted files at once with 1 double-click or 1 enter-button push like before nothing loads, and when i drag them in the main utorrent window they load up without showing any popup. i don't want this but still i need to load 50 .torrent files at once.


what should i do? did you ever had this issue/bug?

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