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Minimum Connections Per Torrent


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Basically, this setting would make sure there are n slots available for each torrent to make the minimum number of connections.

For example:

Max number of connections globally - 500

Max number of connections per torrent - 500

Number of torrents downloading - 4

Minimum connections per torrent - 30

You have four torrents downloading. 4*3 = 90, 500-90 = 410.

410 is the max number of connections any single torrent can have.

This leaves a minimum of 30 connections available for the other torrents.

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There is already a hidden minimum connection value for torrents -- otherwise, µTorrent would try to aggressively reach max number of connections on every torrent.

However the maximum numbers you're using in your example is insanity. Having 100's of connections PER torrent is just wasteful and leechy, unless on a 10+ mbps line. In a sense, you're asking for lots of people to upload to you that you cannot return the favor to.

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