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Hash for name > No files listed > Crash > Shut down computer


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Hello people.


I just thought I should do the courteous thing, and share information that someone may find useful. I signed up solely for this reason. I am using Windows 8 32bit, and uTorrent 3.4.2 with Cyberghost This is probably irrelevant, but I recently switched to a SSD OS, which by the way, is even more amazing than everyone says.


These are the problems:


1) No matter the name of the torrent, uTorrent makes the name whatever the hash code is.


2) When I select a torrent and choose the files tab, only the new name is listed (no files). The same thing happens with a torrent that has episodes.


3) uTorrent randomly decides to keep the unfinished extention (“!ut”, I think) on some completed files (if I've enabled this option, of course). For video files, sometimes VLC Media Player can play these, sometimes it can't. Changing the extension to MKV, or whatever, makes no difference. Windows Media Player will not play any of these. Furthermore, if there is no “!ut” extension, there's no extension at all.


4) uTorrent sometimes decides to put downloads in their own sub folder, sometimes it doesn't. It doesn't make a difference whether or not I've enabled this option.


5) uTorrent sometimes decides to suddenly close, and some of these times it also suddenly shuts down the computer.


6) When I close uTorrent, then open it again (after making sure any uTorrent processes or services have stopped), usually about 20% of running and/or completed torrents turn burgundy color and give me error messages, such as something about preallocation, and/or something about not having access to that location (can't remember exact wording). Rechecking and/or setting the download locations results in either nothing, the same error messages, or other error messages.


Over the years I have used many versions of uTorrent, and it seems extremely common for me to have issues. Seems like something is always getting screwed up by default, or after I use the App for awhile. This always results in many hours wasted, followed by uninstalling uTorrent, and switching to a competitor. Then 6 months or so down the road, I start the cycle again with a new version of uTorrent.


This time I decided to try BitComet, and to be completely honest, overall I'm liking the change. With the problems I've mentioned it's not hard to see why, but I mean that even if uTorrent had no problems, I would still be liking the change. Why? Well... because!


1) I don't know how accurate it is, but Bitcomet is reporting top speeds 15 to 20% faster than uTorrent reports.


2) I always torrent behind a VPN, and if for some reason my internet or service is interrupted, the torrent application instantly stops uploading or downloading. BitComet automatically starts up again when I have internet or VPN service again. I used to be able to get this to work with uTorrent, depending on the version (I think), but now I can't. For me, this is a deal breaker.


Please guys, don't get the wrong impression. I know you guys put a lot of time and effort into uTorrent, and I very much appreciate this, along with the free software. All things considered, I would probably prefer to use uTorrent. However, and probably obviously, that ain’t going to happen with this current version.


I hope you appreciate this report, because I didn't do it for me. See ya in another 6 months.


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