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Bug in build 33870 - Utorrent says torrent already in list, no torrents in list


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Having the same problem, same build, Windows 7 64, also having this issue if I switch to Beta 3.4.2 Build 33418.

Click the magnet, no promps nothing. If I exit and restart it parks the torrent under Labels -> Hidden. If I delete them there, and try again the same thing happens.
Each torrent has Error: Can't open .torrent file: <filename>
Torrents confirmed working from friend.

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same thing.

Build 33870 and on windows 8.

more specifically, update window comes up, i say "yes - update to new stable version." Stupidly, I then try to magnet a new link as it's closing. the add new torrent window shows up, inevitably closes with the rest of the program and now I have an invisible torrent.

tried deleting the torrent file underneath and closing and reopening utorent but that didn't help.


fixed it now though.

found it under Labels -> Hidden. right-clicked the torrent in question -> Remove And -> Delete .torrent and data.

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