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uTorrent connecting to peers 0.0%, doesn't download. HELP :c


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Hey! I'm new to the uTorrent community so I don't know what I should include in this, so please bear with me.


Recently my uTorrent has stopped working, and I have but the slightest clue why..


Anytime I magnet a torrent from any site, it just says, "connecting to peers 0.0%" and it will not budge.. for over 3 days! 


My internet connection is fine, it works great.


I used to have PeerBlock, but I try uninstalling that, thinking it might have been interferring with uTorrent, but after I uninstalled it, the torrents still don't download. Help me please D: !


If you need any information, please ask c: ! Because I don't know what else to include. 

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lol, must be a ban on TPB by comcast in my area.  tried KAT and worked as intended.  Never had ALL of TPB not work (I tried SOOOOOO many different types of media.  Like I said, everything was perfectly fine, but TPB was DEAD as far as my PC was concerned.


EDIT:  Also, KAT didn't have what I wanted, so didn't waste my time trying.  But after close to a week later, it appeared.  Thanks for concern, Guess I'm using Kickass for awhile.

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