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Constant disconnection with peers/seeds.


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I'm trying to download a semi dead torrent, but the speeds have been pretty slow, 20kb/s. Although ocassionally particular a seeder does start seeding, and he/she seeds fast, like 200-400kb/s.


The problem here is that utorrent will disconnect with that seed after some random amount of time, and never reconnect. eg, i go back to 20kb/s for good, unless i stop and resume the torrent, or i manually re-add the seed as described below.


The irritating thing is, if i were to add back that peer manually with his ip and port, he gets reconnected immediately. This means that for some reason, my client is intentionally refusing to download from this seed, even when the seed is active and uploading. This torrent is quite large, i can't afford to continuously sit infront of my laptop to reengage with the specific seeder whenever the connection with that seeder drops.


I would like to ask, who is dropping the connection, is it the seeder intentionally doing this? Is it the client? My internet?


It is very irritating because obviously there are more peers/seeds out there, whom are not simply leechers throttling their uploads, but i can't seem to connect to them, unless i manually add them, or wait for them to connect at random.


Like i mentioned above, the torrent is semi dead, i urgently need it finished before it dies. How do i make sure the connection with the speedy seeder does not drop again when i go out?


Also, do trackers help with peer/seed discovery?


Thanks for reading.

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