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Need help {speed problems}


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Hi, i'm new here, 
I have problems with my downloading speed, red most of the treads on this topic, nothing helped. Speedtest.net shows 10mb/s download and the same amount upload, and a week or so ago i had those 10mb/s, now it droped to 1,1mb/s. Latley i have installed new version of utorrent, but i don't thinks it's the problem, cause i also tried out Vuze, same 1,1 mb/s. I would be greatful if someone(who has no such problem) would take the time and print screen their settings from top to bottom. I really tried everthing and nothing help. reinstalled,installed,removed and installed again...1,1mb/s

thank you a lot

P.S firewall guide link that works would be usefull as well(but i never done anything with it since utorrent worked fine)

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Yes it does actually.

One is 8 times larger than the other (before factoring in overhead).

If uTorrent was downloading at 10 one day and 1.1 the next, your internet provider is to blame.

If it was constantly downloading at 1.1 regardless and speedtest.net was reporting 10, your math is to blame.

i did'nt do speedtest before the problem. My internet is up to 100mb/s, so they say, but i'ts never the case, right? the problem is that speed gone down  up to 90% 

so i did my test while i was useing utorrent(1,1mb/s) speedtest showed 3,3mb,s. when utorrent was of it showed nearlly 10mb,s, how come?wtf?

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