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Run program after download finishes (problem passing commands)


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Good afternoon,


I am using uTorrent 3.4.2 build 33870 in Windows 7 x64 (all the updates installed).


After a torrent finishes, I set the program to run a little .bat script that unRARs compressed torrents:


Run this program when a torrent finishes:

"C:\unrar.bat %D %F"


Everything worked just fine, but a few weeks ago it stopped working properly. I investigated and found the problem: Now, uTorrent only passes commands (%D and %F) with a maximum lenght of 32 characters combined. So, if the destination folder (%D) has more than 32 characters, uTorrent passes %D incomplete and does not pass the name of single file torrent (%F) at all to my .bat file.


I have tested old uTorrent versions, running the always as admin, and cannot make that work again.


Any ideas?


Thank you all in advance.

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