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Windows 8.1 and uTorrent 3.4.2 32-bit "Connecting to peers 0.0%" , DHT "Waiting to log in"


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Hi guys. First post here.


uTorrent has been working well on my new computer since I got it last week. All of a sudden it stopped working. The last time I used it was on Sunday.


Now when I try to download a torrent the status says, "Connecting to peers 0.0%". In the bottom left corner it says, "DHT: Waiting to log in".


I have BitDefender security. I disabled my FireWall and it still does not work. I tried Vuze, same issue. My ISP is Bell Canada and never have I had an issue with torrents ever.


Not sure what to do here? I checked my exceptions for these programs and everything appears to be working.


I changed the PORT to a randomly generated one, it started to download at a 4 week time frame...


Hope someone can help me with this. 




Edit: I checked the uTorrent Setup Guide and did the Bandwidth and Network tests. Bandwidth fails the Speed test "connected failed error: timed out (10060)"


Network passes.

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