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Can not download torrents, stuck on "connecting to peers"


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Hey there,


So im pretty new to this forum and im sure this has been a problem that occurs often, but for some reason i cant download at all on utorrent atm. I get to "connecting to peers" and it doesnt get further.


I have tried a few things including,


1. Ticking Enable UPnP port mapping


2. Changing protocol encryption to enabled and forced 


3. Disabling and re-enabling DHT


Im not sure what info will be needed, but i can say the torrent im trying to get currently has many seeders (800+)


DHT says "waiting for announce"


Local peer discovery, and peer exchange say "waiting"


The rest says connection timed out.


So yeah thats all i can offer so far, so if anyone knows what to do help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance for the help guys! :D

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I use avast free version. And no after testing slackware and also movies i do not have the same problem. So the only thing that isnt working for me now is games. Every game i have tried in the last 24 hours hasnt worked.


On the slackware download i can see that DHT still says waiting for announce.


It seems that the connection to the games trackers is what doesnt work.. but that shouldnt be a stable problem between multible downloads and diffrent games right?


thanks alot for helping btw!

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