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Speeds are actually OK


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My download speed goes from 7.5 MB/s down and 1.5 MB/s up, with no VPN, to 22 MB/s down and 1.5 MB/s up via speedtest.net, with my VPN (PIA) on.

(I changed the speedtest.net settings to megabytes (MB/s instead of Mbps) so its the same as utorrent.)

I noticed my utorrent download speed can stay around 6 MB/s with a torrent with a great ratio. That would make sense as my brother is also using this connection, gaming on his pc in the other room, so id assume thats where the extra bandwith is. I just dont get why utorrent isnt taking advantage of the extra download speed with my vpn on, which I always have on for torrents.  There's a good 15 or so MBs available, at least according to speedtest.  Unless PIA is just showing that DL speed but it isn't accurate?  I pay Comcast for 60/12 each month, as far as I know.  I am certain I don't pay for 176/12.

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