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utorrent 3.1.3 loses internet connection


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I am usig utorrent 3.1.3 (build 27220), along with the latest version of Firefox and windoze 7 professional. 64 bit.

I have noticed that at random times, sometimes several times a day, I can see the upload/download speed going down to zero, or I notice that it has been at zero for some time.  When thisa happens, I notice that I cannot update any browser pages, and Task Manager says utorrent is not responding.  I can fix this problem by closing the utorrent program, resetting the modem, and restarting utorrent. 

   HOWEVER, my internet phone service, using MagicJack+(without the computer) is not affected.

I can prevent this problem from occurring, except very rarely, by running windoze in SAFE mode, but this causes me to lose all sound capability(except for the phone, which as I said, seems to be computer independent, even tho they both run thru the same router.


So the problems are, as follows:

  1. What is causing utorrent to become nonresponsive and close the internet connection?

  2.  Is there a fix that I can apply to utorrent 3.1.3?

  3.  Why does utorrent act differently in SAFE mode?

  4. Is there some way I can add sound capability to SAFE mode, so I wouldn't have to fix utorrent?

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