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3.4.2 only runs in background, I didn't set a boss key


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I'm running Windows 8 64-bit, and have been using uTorrent (current version is on this computer for a long time (over a year).  In the last three days, uTorrent suddenly started only launching in the background.  No uTorrent window opens, there's no icon in the taskbar, and the only sign it's running at all is in the task manager.  Moreover, when I try to end the process from the task manager, I get an "Access denied" message, and the process continues to run.  The only way to get it to stop is to restart my system.


I'm aware that this is the purpose and function of the boss key, but I have never set a boss key.  I haven't changed any settings in weeks.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, I even tried installing BitTorrent instead, and it does the exact same thing.  I would love to check my settings and let you know what those are, but I can't open the application.


Please help!


I run Norton Internet Security and have been since I've had this computer; it has never caused any problems with uTorrent.

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