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uTorrent | Linksys E1200 | Nortion Internet Security


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Windows 7 [64-bit]

uTorrent (3.4.2 build 34024) [32-bit]

Cisco Linksys E1200 Router (Firmware Version: 1.0.04 build 1Mar 10, 2014)

Nortion Internet Security (Version:


All up to date, however, I cannot seem to establish upload connections to seed on uTorrent. I have done/tried what I think are all the obvious solutions:


uTorrent: Disabled both "Enable UPnP port mapping" and "Enable NAT-PMP port mapping". Non-random port set (above IANA registered port range).


Linksys Router: Static IP address assigned to the computer with DHCP Reservation feature. Port forwarding of the non-random port above (TCP and UDP) to the assigned Static IP address. Even fooled around with a few other router-specific features, such as SPI Firewall Protection (on/off) and UPnP Management (on/off), all with no success.


Nortion Internet Security: Should not be necessary, but created the same port forwarding rule above, again with no success.


Does anyone have an identical setup? If so, any insight into what is wrong? I have found numerous threads on this setup across the internet, but all either trail off/die or end with referrals to common/unhelpful references.


Thank you.


PS: With uTorrent off and nothing else on this port, according to netstat (as should be the case), various online port checkers state this port is closed. For what it is worth, one (SpeedGuide) states TCP closed/UDP "filtered?".

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