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Speed test failed. Look-up error: no such host is known.


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I was downloading torrents on utorrent no problem a week and a half ago.  Since Monday approximately, when i tried to restart a torrent, start one already there, or start a new one, they just stay on 'finding peers' indefinitely and there are no peers in the list and under status in trackers it says 'no such host is known'.  I have done speed tests and they all end with comments in 'bandwidth' as in the title to this post and a big red cross in the top right hand corner.  The 'network' part has a green cross in the corner and says 'Your port is open.  Your network is properly configured'.  


I am using Windows XP and i was using the latest free utorrent, 3.4.2 build 34024 or whatever (the latest one), and i downgraded to beta build 33766 with settings reset and it still does exactly the same thing.  


Could the cause be a shitty internet connection which constantly fluctuates and goes to zero?  It never did this before and the connection is often shitty.  


Can anyone tell me how to be able to download torrents again?  

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